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Well factually, we are 2 business professionals.  And without exaggeration, we collectively share 20+ experience between us.  We are not that old though!  And we have worked in several industries.  Right from humble beginnings as customer service agents to managing strategies of high profiled brands, we have enjoyed soft melodies as well as loud rock tunes with quite thunderous basses.  A key learning experience that we always speak about is ‘Quality of Service that is provided to Customers’.  Sometimes, this is quite debatable and leaves us with our heads scratching.


Dubai is a very competitive place.  There are so many attractions and opportunities that tend to weigh heavy on your time.  Sometimes, the smaller, yet highly important aspects of life ‘no pun intended’ can create a storm.  A perfectly clean and sparkling home is one of them.  Through our own personal experiences, we realized how challenging this can be.  Why should one partner take all the burden of making the home shine!  Doesn’t he or she deserve what he or she desires?


There is no shortage of cleaning companies in Dubai.  Yet, how many of these honor what they promise?  That’s a tough question?  Do they always reach your home on time?  It’s always about counting the hours and before we forget, many exclusions to the maid services that were promised.  This is where we want to create a difference for you.

Perfection Cleaning Services is formed on the pretext of our own experiences.  We will be committing ourselves to offer you home cleaning service that will be transparent and delightful. Our maids will always strive to reach you in the quickest possible time because we understand that you have a busy life and want to focus on larger aspects of life.  We will deliver what we promise and will cut no corners.  We want to give you the best home and value, because we know you want the same. 



At Perfection cleaning services, we offer a range of house cleaning services to cater to all needs of our clients.  You will find below a quick overview of our key focus cleaning areas across entire Dubai.

You can further explore more in depth cleaning services offered by our highly trained and experienced maids by clicking on the explore button.


Our Maids

Hiring a maid might seem uncontroversial theoretically.  However, practically it is quite a challenging task.  As we firmly believe that our service (total home cleaning) can either win a lifetime relationship or result in a bad experience, we undertake extremely meticulous screening to choose our maids.  In short, our maids should be possessing the right combination of professionalism, communication skills, empathy, agility and most of all experience.

Well trained & professionals

English Speaking

Experienced & reliable



At perfection cleaning services, customer satisfaction and delight occupies the cornerstone of our existence.

We believe in exceeding our client's expectations and value their opinions for driving internal growth and service!  A perfectly clean house in Dubai is the basis of our company's formation and our maids strive to deliver this promise in every house cleaning job.

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How to book your perfect maid

Our objective is to provide you a perfectly clean house.  Our promise is to cut no house corners!

Why occupy your time with cleaning when you can book highly professional and friendly maids through hassle free ways from us!

Just follow the process below, relax or focus on your important goals.

Flexible maid booking

Call us or book via website

Maid arrives in agreed time for cleaning

Customer satisfaction and peace of mind

You relax and focus on your personal agenda

You pay the maid at the end of cleaning and upon satisfaction



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