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House Cleaning and


House Keeping

House cleaning and house keeping are the cornerstone of our business!  We all are aware that Dubai is a very busy place and provides ample opportunities for growth.  It is with this belief, many of us are engaged in the pursuit of success which results in a very busy and hectic lifestyle. 

Who doesn't want a perfectly clean house or consistent maintenance especially after a hectic day?  However, our busy lifestyle generally plays the spoilt sport and leaves very less energy to focus on household chores or perhaps  despite a tired condition, we tend to do a half-baked job at house cleaning that results in somewhat dissatisfaction and more tiredness. 

Perfection Cleaning Services exists to take away the stress from you and give you more time for leisure or personal ambitions while promising a sparkling and perfectly clean house.  We offer temporary part time maid solutions to provide house cleaning and longer term durations in a day for consistent house keeping services 

House Cleaning

General cleaning of all the rooms like dusting, mopping, soft cleaning of the cabinets, wardrobes. 


Other areas include kitchen cleaning, mopping of tiles, sink cleaning, bathroom sinks, bathtubs and toilet bowls are wiped, disinfected, scrubbed and thoroughly cleaned.  Expect nothing short of a perfectly cleaned session from our cleaning maid. 

Organising the Home

We strongly believe in the mantra of "Organized Home" and our maids live by that rule!

Our maids and cleaners are thoroughly trained to ensure proper arrangement of kitchen utensils and items including dishes, proper placement and arrangement of furniture across the house, proper placement of books and magazines in cabinets etc.  In a nutshell, our maids are highly trained in housekeeping needs.

Maintenance of the Home

Maintenance of the home includes consistent watch of the cleanliness of the house and additionally undertaking challenging jobs like grease removing of electrical items and air-conditioners, removing the dust from fans, electrical appliances, washing machines, cooking stove or maintaining the garage and watering gardens.  In addition, our maids can work for longer hours in the day for consistent maintenance especially if the client is busy with kids.  More details can be negotiated with our representatives

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Perfection Cleaning Services was formed on the pretext of offering the most prompt, efficient and sparkling house cleaning solutions!  We work on an instant basis which means we are ready to serve you in less than 24 hours, and even immediate!

We want to serve you in the best possible way and are readily available to speak to you on your house cleaning requirements.

Please write to us at or call us at 04 3684865 

Booking online has never been so easy

Book the best maids with one click!


Our qualified cleaners will be at your doorstep within no time!

Perfection Cleaning Services specializes in all forms of house cleaning.  A few key and extremely important household areas / furniture items / goods include:

  1. Curtain cleaning: Our cleaners undertake thorough wet or dry cleaning of your curtain on site as per your requirement. 

  2. Sofa cleaning: Our cleaners remove dry soil and dust, treat spots and stains, clean the entire upholstery with the right cleaning agent and undertake thorough cleaning through hot water extraction. 

  3. Mattress cleaning: We use a mattress cleaning equipment to eliminate dust and dirt. Then a non-chemical disinfectant is sprayed on the mattress to clean it thoroughly.

  4. Carpet cleaning: We undertake thorough vacuuming and pile lifting to clean the carpet. 

When your environment is clean, you feel happy,
motivated and healthy

So what are you waiting for? Book the most trusted and professional house cleaners in Dubai and enjoy your free time, work towards your goals, or simply do nothing!!

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