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The best maids in Dubai - period!


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Why choose Perfection Cleaning

Services maids?

Let's be honest here, there are dozens of house cleaning companies in Dubai.  And yes, all of them claim the same thing i.e. we are the best (yay!).  So why choose perfection cleaning services maids?  Well, we don't outsource! period! We don't hire maids based on the most popular nationality or other pre-conceived notions! We simply hire based on talent, empathy, attitude and quality.  What really matters to you is an outstanding service quality and trustworthy relationship that can keep you focused on your personal goals by making more time and providing you the benefit of getting your preferred and trusted maid.  This is the only goal we have - Top notch customer satisfaction!  We also ensure that our part time maids clearly speak and understand  the universal language, English.  Our maid selection is a very rigorous process and is only undertaken upon meeting strict satisfaction of various aspects:

  • Highly experienced

  • Professionally trained

  • English speaking with reading and writing proficiency

  • Detailed background checks

  • Interviewed in person

  • Cleaning demonstration check before hiring

Why Perfection Cleaning Services?

We aim to be the leading providers of house cleaning services in Dubai and to realize this vision, we are extremely meticulous about our maid selection process.  Customer empathy, friendliness, superior service standards, and value proposition are our key pillars and everyday we strive to champion these.  We do not believe in charging our customers by incorporating additional money for additional tasks like ironing.  Hence, when you book with us, you are free to utilize the maids as per your house cleaning or maintenance, or housekeeping needs.  By choosing us, you can be guaranteed the following:

  • No hidden charges

  • All house cleaning tasks included in your booking

  • Competitive rate starting at AED 35 per hour

  • No contracts or tie-ups (monthly rates can be worked out provide better value)

  • Coverage across all Dubai

  • Same cleaner guaranteed

  • No outsourced maids


Why book part time maids?

HirHiring a full time or live in maid was the trend and norm in Dubai for many years.  While we don't oppose this idea especially for large families that require full time maid service, yet it is replete with several complications!  Sponsoring a maid, paying them heavy salary, compromising on your home's privacy, taking care of their expenses also during travelling, and most specifically trust!  Many times the complications of hiring a maid are only realized in the long term especially when there is a difference of opinion or expectations, or more plainly housekeeping expectations.

To avoid such complications, why don't hire a maid for a few hours in a day? or in more demanding cases, every fortnight!  We also give you the option of monthly services with the best market rates.  All this with no hassles of sponsoring yourself, embroiling yourself in legal immigration processes, no concerns over your home's privacy, or worrying about the maids salary etc etc.

With perfection cleaning services, you can book a temporary maid only with the click on your mouse or at the convenience of your mobile!  You don't even have to call us and haggle over pricing, just book the maid via our website and relax while your maid will arrive at the scheduled time and you can only expect the best service standards.

How to book and what happens after booking?


Book online or via call


Your maid arrives at scheduled time


She scrubs, cleans, wipes, mops or do whatever you require


Your house is clean. Voila!
House Cleaning
made simple



Great service, friendly attitude.  Very prompt delivery of maid.  I had some urgent guests arriving all of a sudden and perfection cleaning services saved the day for me.  Without prior notice they agreed to send the maid immediately within 30 mins.  They sparkled my kitchen and living room without any guidance.  Finally, I found a trustworthy cleaning company.


I have used perfection cleaning services twice.  I stay in Sharjah and mostly big cleaning companies make excuses not to send maids due to traffic.  They have always respected my trust in them and without any hassle, always sent maids. The cleaning materials they use are top notch.  My mother in law was particularly impressed by their service and even enquired about the cleaning materials.  I think I will stock to them for a long time


I used their service  the first time for 2 hours for mainly cleaning my kitchen and particularly the cooking stove.  My cooking stove looked brand new and the amount of grease and stains they were able to remove was unbelievable.  Kudos to the cleaning efficiency.  I will recommend them to everyone.