Why a temporary maid can be the biggest blessing for busy families?
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Why a temporary maid can be the biggest blessing for busy families?

Alright, so here we go with our very first defining ‘primitive’ blog!  And as the topic is the cornerstone of our business and the industry we operate in, so emphatically, it is about house cleaning services in Dubai and quite literally on maids.


I would like to though divide this conversation into two tiers i.e. full time household maid versus a temporary hourly bound maid, though from my own subjective perspective.

So let’s get on with the full time household living maid first.  We all know Dubai is a very busy and dynamic city.  Throughout the week, we are exceptionally devoured and swamped with work, family, social life or ad-hoc aspects of life.  In such circumstances, we deem a maid as the most pivotal blessing, yet perpetually are bogged down with pertinent challenges that come along with the maid.  These can range from conjectures about integrity, empathy, general communication behavior, or more unequivocally with the quality of work as to whether it meets our expectations. 


The biggest gripe that I have determined through my cross-sectional research is how optimistically the process or decision making of hiring a full time maid starts, and how abruptly it turns out to be a non-amenable relationship.  From my own experience, the unwavering illusions of accountability for maids presents the most resolute challenge.  Not only are you always concerned about her outings on a weekend especially when you are the sponsors, but also consistently worried about the interactions or safety of your family or household, or the brevity of the moment when things can take an in-discretionary direction.  Now, I am not trying to allude or in way generalize the perils here!  A full time maid with guided vigilance can be a very effective option especially for larger families who require full time support for household chores or managing the small kids, but how many of us like working couples, small families have the blessing of time, or extra finances or simply an appetite for probing?  We may like to unconditionally lay trust or monitor for a certain period, days or weeks, but after a certain point, it becomes an arduous task and consequently results in several altercations with the maid on adapting to our needs, discordant attitude, money related issues, or simply trust!  Moreover, as I write this article, and without getting into the nitty gritty, when you hire a full time maid in Dubai, you essentially become the employer.  At the very outset, this means that you have to pay a fixed monthly salary, medical, airfare tickets, food, outings, leisure etc. etc….. And lets once again reinforce the privacy factor! On top of that, unless you are the most gullible human, you may worry about the safety of house, parents, children as to whether they are being looked after by the full time maid.  In a nutshell, if you have the finances, scope of work, or attitude to manage a full time maid, then go for it!  For many others, if all you require is cleaning for a few hours, or love to nurture your life at your own terms, or simply cannot allow intrusion in your privacy, then hiring a part time maid will be the most favorable solution. 




The concept of a temporary maid, or hourly maid, or a house cleaning Service Company is to simply offer you a maid at an agreed hourly charge who does the job of cleaning your home, and upon accomplishment leaves your premises.  In this case, you are neither required to feed the maid food, or worry about her medical, or about sponsorship!  You simply pay for the hours she cleans your house and that’s it!  Trust me it’s that simple and convenient.  All you need to find is a couple of hours in a week to be around in your house when the maid is cleaning your house, or if you are trustworthy enough, you just handover the keys to the cleaning company and be on your leisurely outing or work commitment.  The licensed cleaning company will ensure you the credibility or trustworthiness.


To make things easier, I would like to simplify it for you all living in Dubai!


This is when you need to consider your home or simply personal space


If you live in a studio, small apartment, or marginally bigger houses that the aforementioned, then perhaps a full time maid be simply be not the right option especially when your fundamental needs are to have a clean house.  You may simply require a maid for a couple of hours twice or thrice a week without the hassles of sponsoring or providing accommodation for the maid.


This is when you need to consider your lifestyle


If you are a working couple who are pursuing ambitious dreams, then you simply wouldn’t want to compromise your lifestyle or personal space with a full time maid.  This becomes especially true when most of the time is spent outside the home due to work, or evenings are adorned with each other or families or friends.  Why take the hassle of financing a maid in Dubai when you barely require a few hours of cleaning in a week.  Moreover, why consume yourself with legalities or extra finances?


This is when you need to evaluate the work or finances


Once again, why pay extra on many legal requirements to sponsor a maids, when all you need is a couple of cleaning hours from a credible maid cleaning company!  Why not order a maid for a few hours and if you are comfortable or delighted with the services, make her your regular service provider.


I hope I have been able to provide enough substance on full time maids versus temporary maids.  I opened up a house cleaning company from my own learning and experiences, and the observations from my surroundings.  You may or may not agree with the above, but remember that time and money are two integral parts of life, especially in a gloriously dynamic city like dubai.



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